1. Mitutoyo SJ-201 for measuring of the roughness of surfaces after their machining. Measured in Ra, Rz, Ry.
  2. Digital tachometer Alluris for rotation speed and the speed of travels measuring.
  3. Measuring of the sandblasted surfaces by the comparison with Comparator TQC.
    Measuring of the cleanliness of sandblast surfaces before their varnishing.
    Measuring of the concentration of salts on the sandblasted surfaces by Bresle test kit.
    Measuring of parts before varnishing:
    • temperature of parts
    • temperature of air
    • air humidity
    • dew point
  4. Measuring of the thickness of the dry layer of coating—measuring equipment Elcometer 456T with the measuring protocol.
  5. Control of dimensions with analogue and digital measuring instruments
  6. Performed tests:
    • Level 2 magnetic test
    • Level 2 penetration test
    • Level 2 visual examination
    • Pressure test
    • Vacuum test
  7. Micro-marking machine TechnoMark Multi 4

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