We want to defend and strengthen our position of a reliable supplier of engineering products at the European and Czech market by being a supplier as customer-oriented as possible, with low production costs, high standard of services and effective distribution.

Lasting respect and meeting of legal requirements and requirements of involved sides on quality is a trend of our company. Meeting legislative requirements in realization of our orders is natural for us.

The management creates a positive environment for a full use of our employees´ skills to achieve the profit of the company. The labor of high quality is a basic criterion for the evaluation and motivation of all employees.

The quality of our products and services must meet the needs of our customer better than comparable products and service of our competitors. A targeted improvement of product quality of services and a continuous improvement of the management system of our company is an incessant process.

There is a rule set for all employees of our company: to do their job in time, without faults and at the first go.

The quality of our products depends also on the quality of purchased services and parts. Therefore, we require the highest possible quality from our suppliers and this quality is continuously assessed.

The positive relationship to natural environment is a part of a general business policy of our company. It is at the same level of importance as quality, work safety, responsibility of employees, satisfaction of customers and profits.

Company management undertakes to meet all legislative requirements, requirements of bodies of public and state administration and requirements of their regulations undertook by the company. The company management undertook the commitment to the pollution prevention, prevention of injuries and damage of health.

We use such technologies and production procedures that are considerate of the natural environment by means of an effective prevention we eliminate pollution sources arising from our production activities.


Each of our manager employees is responsible for the meeting of the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001:2018 norms at his department and he leads his co-workers to a continuous improvement of the integrated management system.

Company location
M D Let s.r.o. Svitavská 500/7,
678 01 Blansko,
Czech Republic
Factory location
M D Let s.r.o.,
Školní 518,
679 32 Svitávka,
Czech Republic